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5 Ways to Incorporate Sustainability into Your Custom Home

Last month we covered the top home building trends we expect to see in 2022. One of those trends included building custom homes with a focus on sustainability. This trend has a lot of substance and is worth diving deeper into.

What does it mean to have a sustainable home?

By building a sustainable home, you are making a commitment to energy efficiency. This will help take care of the environment and lower the cost of running your home. This can range from saving energy and water with everyday appliances, to using materials that have a smaller footprint. Keep reading for more tips on how you can create a sustainable home.

1. Use Sustainable Materials When Possible

Using recycled and reclaimed materials when building your home will help keep good materials out of landfills and require less waste by creating new materials. Some materials that are easy to incorporate include repurposed stone for countertops or wood for high ceiling beams. Places like Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore have materials that are ready for reuse.

2. Buy Local

Purchasing from local manufacturers helps the local community and substantially reduces any energy consumption required to ship/transport materials across the country. Some local manufacturers we work with include Wisconsin Building Supply for lumber and Darboy Stone for granite countertops, stone walls and fireplaces. Buying local means supporting your local economy and minimizing energy consumption - that's a win-win! 

3. Opt-in for Smart Technology

Not only will using smart technology in your home provide a "wow factor" for your guests, but it will also help save energy. Smart technology can automatically adjust your thermostat during cold Wisconsin winters, turn on/off lights, filter or block sunlight by controlling the curtains and so much more. Our friends at Suess Electronics in Appleton are experts at creating home automation systems. 

4. Upgrade to Energy-Efficient Lighting 

While having your lights automatically turn on and off with smart technology, you can go further by using LED lights. These types of lights use the least amount of electricity and have so many options to choose from.

5. Add High-Performance Windows

We all know how fickle Wisconsin weather can be but that doesn’t mean you have to feel the effects of it inside your home! Installing high-performance windows will result in better energy efficiency. These windows typically have double glazing, nonconductive framing materials and air-tight construction.

Ready to create a more sustainable home?

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