5 Home Design Trends for 2023

2023 Home Design Trends

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1. Eco-Conscious Homes

Eco-conscious homes create harmony between indoor and outdoor spaces. This style incorporates the environment into its fundamental design. Organic materials, green living, and sustainability are the focus. Eco-conscious homes typically include large windows, skylights, natural accents, and indoor-outdoor living spaces. Virtue Homes recently designed this biophilic space for a client.

Eco-conscious home design

2. Holistic Designs

Like the eco-conscious style, holistic design incorporates the mind, body, and soul. It’s no surprise after the last few years, consumers are looking for more relaxation within their homes. The overall look and feel of the holistic style promotes self-care and wellness. This design gives good energy through abundant light, airy features, plants, and balance.

Holistic home design trend

3. Multi-Purpose Interiors & Organization

This trend is all about versatile spaces. With this style, one room serves several functions. Think about your kitchen. The heart of the home is used for cooking, homework, entertaining and relaxing with family. Incorporate multi-purpose interiors and add niche spaces for flexibility and more organization. In line with the trend, Virtue Homes designed this custom hall tree and business nook.

Multi-purpose interior home design

4. Rich Hues & Moody Spaces

While neutral colors will always be a crowd-pleaser, 2023 will see rich pops of color. Expect to see rooms in deep, moody colors. Dark hues make a statement on their own, especially in rooms with abundant natural light. This trend creates an overall feeling of comfort and coziness.

Rich hues & moody spaces home design trend

5. Dark Countertops & Sleek Appliances

Look for dark countertops, combined with light cabinets in 2023. While white kitchens are still popular, consumers are leaning toward personal design. The result is more unique and personalized spaces. Dark countertops look cleaner, longer and add a touch of luxury.

Dark countertop & sleek home design trend

Custom Home Design 

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